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Alaska Salmon Bacon Bits- 3 pack

Made for his granddaughter who is allergic to bacon, Grandpa Fred dreamed up this delicious bacon substitute.  Shakin' Salmon Bacon Bits are just the thing you need to satisfy your appetite for bacon! Salmon Bacon Bits are a breakthrough in culinary satisfaction- It's BACON and it's Heart-Healthy! Ad these clever bits of Smoky Alaskan Salmon to just about anything to supercharge the flavors. Salad, baked potatoes, soups, and omelets never tasted so good. What are you waiting for... Order Yours Today!

Alaska Salmon Bacon Bits- 3 pack

  • • Healthy bacon alernative

    • Made from Wild Alaskan Salmon

    • Rich in Omega 3's

  • Wild Alaska Salmon, Salt, Maple Sugar, Sugar, Non Fat Milk, Natural Birch Smoke

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