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The Mother-Load Sausage Pack

Our Mother-Load Sausage pack is jam-packed with delicious Alaskan sausages and meat sticks that will have you falling in love with Alaska. This sausage pack is ideal for creating multiple appetizer platters for parties, stocking your freezer with goodies, or sending your loved ones serving in the military a great surprise from home. Be the star of your next camping trip, by bringing the Mother-Load!


The Mother-Load Sausage Pack

  • ▪ Hot & Spicy Reindeer Summer Sausage (x 3)  
     ▪ Alaskan-Siberian Caribou Sausage (x 3)  
     ▪ Buffalo Trail Sausage (x 3) 
     ▪ Buffalo Trail Meat Sticks (x 6)
     ▪ Teriyaki Caribou Meat Sticks (x 6)  
     ▪ Pepper Venison Meat Sticks (x 6)  
     ▪ Reindeer Jerky (x 3) 

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